Air Fresheners

That make a world of difference

State-of-the-art battery and mains-operated air fresheners


It’s a simple fact: washrooms need air fresheners. Odours can be a problem in any washroom but KeyHygiene has the answer with systems that make everything smell clean and fresh all of the time.

We have three different state-of-the-art battery and mains-operated air fresheners for you to choose from: in black, chrome or white finishes to compliment your washroom décor. They feature a sleek, slim design which fit in with your classic or modern interior washroom design. They’re easy to install and maintain and very quickly create refreshing, welcoming environment for staff, customers and visitors.


KeyHygiene Digital Air Freshener releases digitally-controlled and measured fragrance doses in to the air in your washroom. It’s very flexible and is adjustable, dispersing fragrances regularly every one to 60 minutes with the built-in clock and timer (we recommend every 15 minutes). 

As you’d expect from the leader in washroom solutions KeyHygiene has a wide range of air freshener fragrances for you to choose from, all of which have been rigorously tested and approved for use. They have been selected because they are best-in-class units, efficiently and effortlessly creating a clean atmosphere, neutralising any bad odours, killing any malodors and showing the world that your toilets are well maintained. 

Because our units are battery operated they are really easy to install and maintain without the need for electrics. A KeyHygiene specialist will replace the fragrance on each visit but each unit is also intelligent and activates a small red light when the battery is down to only 30 days remaining and the specialist will change the batteries for zero downtime of the unit.

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