Entrance Mats

That make a great first impression

Entrances are every building’s business card. Be sure to make a lasting first impression.


The entrance to your building is your first chance to make a great impression, so do it properly and talk to KeyHygiene about carefully-designed, superior quality floormats.

At a practical level the right floormats are essential for protecting your floor surfaces from dirt and moisture and also preventing slips and falls. But they also say a lot about your organisation from the moment people walk through your door.

KeyHygiene provide the full range of floor matting solutions, protecting your building against a daily influx of dust, dirt and moisture brought in on visitors' footwear. They reduce risk from slips and cut costs for replacement flooring and cleaning while also making the entrance look clean and inviting. Talk to us about our Footwell solution and anti-fatigue mats which ease the strain for staff working on their feet all day.

We source our mats from some of the world’s best manufacturers who create professional, functional mats and fixed solutions with our Matwell offering. 

Entrance Mats

Choose standard, round, rectangular or customised for use in transition areas, between production and office areas, in front of and in lifts, at escalators, at coffee machines, in the cafeteria, in the delivery area or in access or departure areas. KeyHygiene mats stop dirt, moisture and dust, prevent slipping, protect valuable floors and project a neat and tidy image. Our mats can cut the costs of floor cleaning by up to 70 % plus whatever it might cost to replace warn wooden floors or carpets.

Functional, logo and special purpose mats

KeyHygiene custom designed logo mats bring a colourful and bright welcome to employees, customers and visitors in schools, clubs, offices and retail premises. The sky is the limit for your floor here and there are no limitations on the images and designs we can create for your building. 

Advertising & Promotional Mats

Welcome employees, visitors, pupils and customers with custom graphics that promote your business, service or a special offer.

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