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Vending machines that are robust, attractive and reliable


In most ladies’ washrooms, sanitary vending has become an important way for employers to show they care about their staff and customers. It’s a service that brings comfort and assurance and many of our clients feel it is a duty they should perform for their own staff and visitors.

KeyHygiene can supply, maintain and stock vending machines that will dispense a mix of tampons and sanitary towels. We also supply other vending machines which can dispense everything from condoms to tooth brushes.


Vending machines are a great way to make your staff and customers feel cared for but in reality it’s a very easy thing for you to do: there is no need for cash handling or stock holding of vending products on site.

KeyHygiene vending machines are robust, attractive and reliable and are manufactured to the highest standards. We’ll install them with the minimum fuss and they are secured with a unique radical locking system.

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